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Welcome to Staffordshire Aerials & Satellites

Staffordshire Aerials & Satellites Have been fixing and replacing TV Aerials all over Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme for over 10 years, same day service 7 days a week. We fit TV aerials from a single TV setup too every room in a hotel or new apartment building, whatever your requirements, we'll get you a strong signal every time.

Digital TV Aerials

If you require a digital TV Aerial in Stoke-on-Trent, our engineers will use the latest digital maps, and meters to ensure that of the 8 transmitters that serve TV aerials in Stoke-on-Trent, yours will be one of the strongest, and when there is a choice of Central TV and Granada TV we will ask to make sure you get the local news content that you prefer.

Certain areas are problematic, mainly due to terrain, sometimes a digital TV aerial Newcastle under Lyme won't work as it's sat in a dip between two banks, when this happens we usually fit a satellite dish Newcastle-under-Lyme, and connect you to the Freeview alternative Freesat service. Freesat was introduced slightly after Freeview was released, as homes that could get signal on the old analogue TV aerials Newcastle under Lyme were left with no signal. In fact digital TV aerial united kingdom was such a problem the government had to approach the satellite TV mogul SKY to broadcast the Free to Air channels through a satellite dish with no subscription.

Since the switch over to Freeview, our national TV service has required a Digital Aerial, the Freeview service has now going HD giving you an even better picture from your digital aerial.

Satellite Dish

If you're having Satellite Dish Problems relax and give us a call We can usually fix these the same day meaning you can continue receiving your favourite shows and sports through your satellite dish, our engineers have state of the art meters, so may it be a faulty LNB or dish that require realigning, it won’t take us long to diagnose your problem.


Freeview brings you Digital TV giving you a high quality reliable picture. Gone is the old 5 channel network with fuzzy reception, now we receive plenty of free channels 24 hours a day. More and more of these are swapping over to HD, meaning you get the very best broadcast quality free to your TV. If you bought your TV after 2008 your set up already as every TV sold in the UK since 2008 can receive Freeview.

TV Wall Mounting

Free up some space in your home and let us mount your TV on the wall, we specialise in hiding cables, even putting set top boxes in the next room, giving you that ultra clean look with no messy wires every where


During the switch over period in the early 2000's it was realised that some areas particularly in valleys and dips couldn't get any signal. It has prominently the same channels as Freeview, many of them are also in HD before Freeview could catch up. Though Freeview are planning on releasing another 10 HD channels this year.


Many satellite dish problems are caused by slight movements to dishes, meaning a faulty dish can be repaired quite quickly by simply realigning it. Our engineers carry state of the art satellite meters set and can re align dishes and ensure there at peak levels so in bad weather you still get the best picture possible.

There are many Satellite providers which cover the UK. Sky is the main Satellite service along with Freesat. There are also many others foreign services that cover the UK as the satellite signal is sent in a beam and creates a footprint, this footprint is usually much larger than required as channels for neighbouring countries come from the same Satellite.